Electric Water Truck

  • Min Water Truck

    Min Water Truck

    Sprinkler classification Multi-function sprinklers can be classified according to the appearance: flat, pointed, Qitou, single...

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  • Potable Water Truck

    Potable Water Truck

    Electric four-wheeled sprinkler According to the specific needs of the market, the company puts new products into mass...

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  • Min Potable Water Truck

    Min Potable Water Truck

    Application area 1. community, squares, parks, scenic spots, small towns and other roads sprinkler flushing. In winter, it can...

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  • Drinking Water Tanker

    Drinking Water Tanker

    Sprinkler function and description ☆ There is a duck-billed or round-headed nozzle in front of the sprinkler, a cylindrical...

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  • Truck Mounted Dust Suppression System

    Truck Mounted Dust Suppression System

    Function sprinkler main configuration The main accessories are: multi-function sprinkler tanks, special power take-off devices...

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  • Water Delivery Truck

    Water Delivery Truck

    Sprinkler products are also known as green sprinklers, multi-function sprinklers, sprayers, pull-pullers, and water transport...

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