Toilet Sucker Truck

The three-wheel suction truck is also called a feces truck, a biogas slurry bio-slag truck, a pumping truck, a septic tanker, a septic tanker, a manure truck, a manure truck, a vacuum suction truck, and a suction and sewage suction truck according to geographical habits. Wait. The working...

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As a professional manufacturer in truck area, guarantee all goods Brand-New and China-Origined.Compared with any other manufacturers, we can provide you all series of sewage suction trucks with best quality and the best price. We have sewage suction truck and sewage suction cleaning truck 

for 3-20 cbm. 

Round tank with material of carbon steel, high-power vacuum pump, dump body, back cover can be opened by hydraulic, back cover equipped with self-flowing hole and special valve, suction height can be 5-8 meter, equipped with special sewage suction pipe.

Our service

We are manufacturer engaged in all kinds of special truck, pressure vessel(LPG ).

(1) Over 3000 workers include our sales and engineers will offer you the best design, price, quality;

(2) Pefect after-sales service, offer long days quality guarantee

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