Where Do We Need Fire Engines?

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Fire safety is very important for daily life, there are a lot of the safe hidden trouble that may cause a fire, if caused the fire, waiting for the arrival of the fire time might miss fire, the best time of so, in some special place, should be equipped with fire, fire engines have low have high price, specific choice should be according to the actual situation, select the most appropriate, the highest ratio of a. So where do we need fire engines?

1. Forest is an important property of China and has high value. Therefore, forest must be equipped with fire engines. Since the area of the forest must be very large if a fire breaks out, when equipped with fire engines, we should choose professional fire engines of large size. Although professional fire engines are expensive, they are more efficient in extinguishing the fire. If the density of trees in the forest is relatively large, the fire can spread quickly. Therefore, the use of large fire engines to fire in time. If the forest area is relatively large, more trees, then appropriate increase the number of fire engines, or you may not control the fire.

2, private factory also need to be equipped with the fire, the material is flammable and explosive substances, some factory is easy to cause fire, and the fire can not use ordinary tank fire extinguishing, should use foam fire truck or dry powder fire engines, so as to cut off this kind of special material is exposed to air, have the effect of fire. Foam and dry powder fire engines are relatively expensive, but since the body has two cans, one of which is filled with water, it can also function as a water tank fire truck.

3, Fire engines are also needed at airports and railway stations, where large machinery and equipment are abundant, making them prone to fire. At present, many airports are expanding and the number of runways has increased, so the fire equipment is necessary. If it is a small station, then you can choose a small fire engine, which is cheap and therefore not too burdensome.

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