What Are The Regulations For Scrapping Fire Engines?

- Aug 07, 2018 -

If the fire truck meets the state standards for scrapping, the owner shall apply to the local vehicle administration department for scrapping procedures.

(1) the service life of fire engines shall not exceed 15 years at most.

(2) fire engine is scrapped. The owner should fill in the application form for scrapping approval. The vehicle to be scrapped should be assessed by the local vehicle management department.

(3) the fire truck meeting the scrapping conditions shall return the license, and deliver the vehicle to the local material recycling and utilization company (metal recycling company). After the vehicle disintegrates, the recycling unit shall issue the recycling certificate of the scrapped car. The vehicle management department handles the scrapping procedure with the recycling certificate.

(4) fire engines that have been scrapped shall not be allowed to apply for the license plate again and shall be put back into use.

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