The Application Prospect Of Shandong Dung Absorber Truck Is Optimistic

- Aug 07, 2018 -

With the advancement of national urbanization, rural problems such as dirty, also will get a very good solution, but in the process of cleaning, dung sucking is one of the essential cleaning equipment, full automatic cleaning, it let the cleaning efficiency greatly, and reduces the labor costs and other issues, then give a talk in detail dung sucking application prospect is optimistic.

Established in the whole work of urbanization, the life of people waste system and the centralized processing system, is one of the main work content, it will be fundamentally solve the rural dirty, disorderly situation, change of rural landscape, and further promote the progress of rural urbanization, and in the process of wastewater concentrated treatment in people's life, dung sucking is one of the efficient cleaning machinery, it through the pressure of the vacuum pump with sewage pipe using atmospheric pressure to press the sewage into the vacuum pump, to achieve the purpose of automated processing wastewater, the high processing speed and better cleaning ability, will also clear rural sewage waste is the main machinery.

In addition, the machine can also be used in the cleaning work of the farm, which also brings greater convenience to the vast number of farmers. Whether for self-use or purchase in batches, the machine can create higher benefits for users.

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