Sucking Sludge Septic Fecal Vacuum Tank

- Oct 23, 2018 -

We are 16 years professional manufacturer of special trucks,supply different kinds of trucks,sewage suction truck can be customized as customer requirements.

(1). Capacity: 3-18m3(3000 liter- 18 000 liter).

(2). Steering wheel: both left and right hand drive,meet the needs of different countries.

(3). Emission standard: option Euro 1,Euro 2,Euro 3,Euro 4,Euro 5 sewage suction truck

(4). Truck chassis: option FOTON,DONGFENG, ISUZU,etc


Sewage truck is also called sewage tanker truck,vacuum sewage truck,sewage suction truck,sewage tank truck,sewage drainage truck,sewage pump truck,etc.

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