Modern Fire Engines Are A Big Family

- Aug 07, 2018 -

After more than 100 years of development, today's fire engines have become a "big family" with a variety of categories and amazing technology.

Water tank fire truck is still the most standing fire brigade vehicle. In addition to fire pumps and equipment, the vehicle also has a larger capacity of water storage tanks, water guns, water cannons, and so on, which can convey water and fire personnel to the fire site to fight the fire independently. Suitable for general fire fighting.

Using chemical extinguishing agents to extinguish special fires instead of using water to extinguish them is a revolution in extinguishing methods over thousands of years. In 1915, national foam invented the world's first double-powder foam extinguishing powder made of aluminum sulfate and sodium bicarbonate.

It can quickly spray a large number of high-multiple air foams of 400-1000 times, which can isolate the surface of the combustor from the air, especially suitable for fighting oil and other oil fires.

Can fight flammable and flammable liquid, combustible gas fire, live equipment fire, can also fight general material fire. For large chemical pipeline fire, the fighting effect is particularly remarkable, which is the fire engine of petrochemical enterprises.

With the improvement of modern construction level, there are more and more high-rise buildings, and fire engines have changed accordingly. The multi-stage ladder on the ladder fire trucks can directly send firefighters to the fire site on the upper floors for timely relief, and can rescue the victims trapped in the fire site in a timely manner, greatly improving the fire fighting and relief capacity.

Today, fire engines have become more and more specialized. For example, carbon dioxide fire engines are mainly used to fight against precious equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics and books and archives. The airport rescue truck is used for the rescue and rescue of the crew of the aircraft accident fire; Lighting fire truck provides lighting for night fire fighting and rescue work; Fire engines are especially suitable for fighting fire in underground buildings and warehouses, etc.

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