Highway Guardrail Cleaning Vehicle Is Prone To A Number Of Fault Causes

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Highway guardrail cleaning vehicle due to high frequency of use, easy to cause damage to a variety of components, generally there are several reasons:

1. Quality differences of parts

Road guardrail cleaning cars and car parts are mass produced and manufactured by different manufacturers, inevitably there are quality differences. There will be problems in the use of parts in the original factory, and problems will appear when the cooperative factory and unqualified parts are installed on the car. Therefore, all the manufacturers of road guardrail cleaning car are trying to improve the quality of parts and eliminate the quality defects of parts themselves.

2. Impact of driving techniques and driving methods

Driving technology has a great impact on vehicle failure, and improper use methods have a greater impact. Poor management of vehicle use, non-compliance and regular maintenance, rough start and rough driving will cause early damage and failure.

There are fragile parts

In the design of road guardrail cleaning car, it is impossible for all parts on the car to have the same life. Some parts of the car itself are vulnerable parts, such as air filter core, spark plug, oil, etc., which need to be replaced regularly. If the car is not replaced in time or damaged in advance, the fault will occur.

4. Quality difference of road barrier cleaning consumables

The consumables on the automobile mainly include fuel oil and lubricating oil. The poor quality of these additives will seriously affect the performance and service life of the automobile, making the automobile more prone to failure. And the addition of these things is often very difficult to assure by the user, little attention will be added to inferior gasoline and inferior lubricants, the harm to the car and engine is very great, the likelihood user has not paid attention to, the car has a problem.

5. The operating environment of the highway guardrail cleaning vehicle

Automobiles are used in the open air, which has a great impact on the environment. The highway road is broad and smooth, the car speed is high, easy to break down and accident; The road is rough, the car vibrates and bumps seriously, easy to be damaged. Due to the large power consumption in mountainous areas and the long time of waiting for cars in cities, the operating conditions of cars will change greatly. Sometimes, if it fails to adapt, it is easy to have faults or cause sudden damage.

In the use of the car to regular maintenance, fault must be accurately diagnosed before repair. Technology is needed in the use, maintenance, fault diagnosis and maintenance of automobiles, especially modern automobiles. There are many new and high technology applications, which requires automobile use and maintenance workers to understand and master automobile technology and advanced new technology. Will not repair can not mess repair, do not understand can not move, in case the old disease did not remove, new problems will appear.

Therefore, guardrail cleaning car fault widely consist in the car during the process of manufacture, use, maintenance and repair work, for every link should be very attention, especially in use must pay attention to the car's failure, a failure to timely detection, timely elimination, to make cars in use process to reduce an accident. In addition, also want to strengthen the maintenance car more at ordinary times, as the saying goes: "three points on repairing the car, seven points by raising", this sentence is true, at ordinary times should pay more attention to the maintenance of your car, don't wait for big failure, just in a hurry to find problems, find solutions, so that damage to the car, at the same time the economy will also be a loss.

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