Four Goals Should Be Achieved After The Adjustment Of Industrial Structure Of Special Purpose Vehicle

- Aug 07, 2018 -

The first is the goal of market structure adjustment: oriented by market demand, it ensures appropriate industrial scale in various types of engineering transportation vehicles, engineering operation vehicles, van and semi-trailer vehicles, urban functional service vehicles, etc., to meet the basic needs of national economic construction; Combined with the policy of "cars going to the countryside", we will actively develop special vehicles to meet the needs of new rural construction. We will actively explore the international market, strive to build China's special vehicle industry into a global r&d and manufacturing center for special vehicle industry, and fully realize the strategic goal of participating in international market competition.

Second, the goal of organizational structure adjustment is to encourage and support the cooperation in various forms between the main engine plant and the specialized automobile production enterprise, and to solve the coordinated development relationship between the large-scale production of the main engine plant and the multi-variety and small-batch demand of the specialized automobile industry. We will encourage the re-optimization of advantageous resources in the industry, encourage the merger and reorganization of enterprises in the industry, support private automobile enterprises to go public actively, solve financing channels for enterprises through the financial market, and form about 50 transportation and operating enterprise groups with a certain scale and international competitiveness. Support the extension and development of some enterprises in the industrial chain of special-purpose vehicles, form about 30 parts enterprises with international competitiveness, and promote the sustainable development of the special-purpose vehicle industry; We will support specialized automobile manufacturers in modernizing their enterprises and establish a modern enterprise system.

Thirdly, the goal of technological structure adjustment is to support and encourage enterprises to develop new energy vehicle products suitable for the national conditions. We should support and encourage the comprehensive application of new materials, new technologies and new processes in special automobile products, advocate the development direction of product lightweight, advocate the recycling of materials, and establish the development model of the energy-saving industry. Support and advocate enterprises to increase the proportion of investment in scientific and technological development, market investment and independent verification ability in enterprise operation and investment, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises; We will support enterprises in establishing technology development mechanisms for original innovation, integrated innovation, assimilation and re-innovation of products, quickly master international advanced technologies, and improve their ability to participate in international competition.

Four is the product structure adjustment goal: to encourage enterprises to enhance the development of independent intellectual property rights and protection, strengthen the establishment of the brand, the promotion and protection, realize the brand consciousness of economic management, to strive for special purpose vehicle industry in China from extensive economy to the independent innovative transformation, to the end of the 12th five-year special-purpose automobile products in China, more than 90% for the independent intellectual property products.

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