Common Sense On Safe Driving Of Water Tank Fire Truck

- Aug 07, 2018 -

The most important thing about water tank fire engine is its safety performance. Therefore, we should carefully check the performance of fire engine before buying it. In addition, we should pay attention to some safety issues when driving fire engines. If we are always distracted while driving, the risk of danger is very high. Next small make up for everybody to introduce the safe driving knowledge of water tank fire truck.

1, if we're driving a tank truck in time for the night, so be sure to focus on driving a car, in the city, the street light is more bright, also won't have what problem, but if the driving route around the relatively remote and poor road conditions and very dark place, then more carefully observed the situation of the pavement, and don't too fast.

2, when driving a tank truck outside, if the weather is dark, so should be timely open the light, but because of the narrow road outside, no specific traffic line, therefore, we should slow down, watch the cars, if within 30 kilometers per hour above, then you should use the high beam, but when you see the cars come should be high beam to low beam lights, if the other party didn't do it, so we'd better slow down, or stop at the side of the road.

Many people are driving while talking on their cell phones. Some are holding their phones in one hand while others are operating with the other hand. If you have a mobile phone and drive a water tank fire engine, you may not be able to operate properly in the current situation. Even if you use the headset, there are safety risks due to your inability to concentrate.

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