Analysis Of The Development Prospect Of Special Vehicles In China

- Aug 07, 2018 -

In recent years, foreign auto manufacturers have gradually attached importance to the application of new materials and new technologies in special vehicles. The application of microcomputers is gradually permeating all the industrial fields. Tank cars are no exception. Microcomputers have been widely used in engine control, variable speed control, power transmission of special devices, electrical fault diagnosis and other aspects.

It is also important to improve the safety of tank cars while improving the technique and using new materials. The new U.S. standards require all tanker trucks to ensure that they do not, under any circumstances, leak highly toxic products such as chlorine or ammonia. At the same time, the material properties of the inner shell and outer shell of the oil tanker transporting this kind of dangerous goods are required to be higher, so as to ensure its crack resistance. In addition, the new rules require that each end of the tanker be specially protected and fitted with better valves and mouthpieces.

With the rapid development of transportation industry, the special vehicles in China show a booming development momentum, among which the tank car and the van car are obvious growth. Common tank cars include powder material transport vehicles, road sweeper vehicles, multi-function sprinklers, rear loading compressed garbage trucks, liquefied gas high-pressure tanks, oil tanks, sewage and dung suction vehicles, high-pressure cleaning vehicles and so on.

In the next few years, the market has put forward higher requirements for special vehicles. In addition to the requirements of high safety, sealing and vibration reduction, the products are also required to be serialized, with high technical content and high added value. Therefore, the heavy-duty tank cars suitable for the market demand will become one of the hot spots in the market in the next few years. This shows that the future development of China's special vehicles is inestimable.

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