Agent For The Sewage Suction Tanker For Sale

- Oct 30, 2018 -

DongFeng 1000 liters vacuum sewage suction with cleaning truck for sale

The waste water truck is also called sewer truck, sewage suction truck, vacuum suction truck, vacuum sewage suction truck, sewage suction tanker truck, sewage tanker truck, sewage drainage truck, sewage sucking truck, sewage pump trucked.

It mainly used for sucking septic material and sludge from drains, transportation and discharge of sewage from septic tank and sludge from drains. And the sewage truck is also used for clean the drainage on the city underground sewers, the industrial pipes, walls and furthermore acts as a sprinkling. Moreover, it can be used to transport water, flush the equipment.

The truck is equipped with high-powered vacuum suction pump and high quality hydraulic system. With rear lid of the tank opened hydraulically, and double cylinders on both sides of the tank lifting up, the truck can dump the sewage directly through the rear lid out of the tank. Characterized by high vacuum, large capacity, high efficiency and good seal, the truck is widely used. Full tank pumping time: ≤ 5min; suction width: ≥ 8m.Very suitable for sucking sewer sediments, such as mud, silt, stones, bricks and other big objects.

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