This behavior can affect the life of a fire engine

- Aug 07, 2018 -

How not to maintain the fire engine, the service life of the fire engine will be shortened, if the failure can not be repaired, then only to buy a new fire engine. But fire engines are not very cheap, which will cause a lot of waste, so we have to use some measures to extend the service life of fire engines. In fact, many of our habits will affect the state of the fire engine, such as parking when not back to the steering wheel, it is a great damage to the fire engine.

First of all, if you stop without turning the steering wheel, the side wall of the tire will be damaged. This is because the tire contact with the ground is not completely the tire surface, and the stressed part is the tire shoulder. Therefore, greater pressure will be applied to the side wall of the tire, and the side wall is relatively thin, which will accelerate the aging and deformation of the tire. Although the price of tires is not as high as that of fire engines, frequent damage to tires not only requires frequent replacement of tires, but may also pose a threat to our safety.

2. Failure to return to the steering wheel may also damage the steering mechanism of the fire engine, because in this case, the wheels will drag the steering bar and force the steering wheel gear and the rack of the steering bar all the time, so the damage to these parts will be great during your parking time. And the system would be cumbersome to fix, so it would cost more than the price of a fire engine.

Besides, there are a lot of bad habits will affect the service life of the fire, many people don't care about these details, because think fire truck prices in the range of affordable, not good maintenance, fire truck repair is actually part of a more important is our security problems, therefore, must pay more attention at ordinary times.

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