The hot weather, sanitation garbage truck maintenance indispensable

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Hot summer has come and the use of sanitation trucks is becoming more frequent. Tire blowout, spontaneous combustion, fuel consumption, these safety accidents are closely related to the hot weather in summer. For this reason, some senior maintenance technicians suggest to car owners to minimize possible losses on the premise of ensuring the correct and effective use of high-temperature vehicles and vehicle maintenance methods.

1. Tire pressure is very important

Summer road temperatures will probably reach 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, trash trucks on the road if the tire pressure is too high, slightly hit the tires of the weak areas are easy to blow out. So it's better to keep the tire pressure at 2.2 kpa. Garbage truck tires generally have normal air pressure between 2.2 kpa and 2.5 kpa. Maintenance personnel believe that high speed or long distance driving, tire pressure is easy to rise, and easy to cause a flat tire, for safety, the owner should stop at this time to reduce pressure.

In addition, after driving on a hot day, do not rush to flush the tire, because the tire is in contact with the ground for a long time high temperature, suffer cold water shock suddenly, easy to make tire wall deformation or not uniform, and cold shrink tire wall around also can be wrapped, leading to tire explosion.

2. The air conditioner needs to be preheated

Summer comes, the air conditioning that did not use for a long time, had better preheat 5 minutes ahead of time before using. In the meantime, clean condenser often even, such air conditioning effect is good. Since the air conditioner has not been used for a long time, the oil is immersed in the compressor, which will be damaged by the sudden heavy load. Therefore, the air conditioner can be turned on at noon every day for 5 minutes to preheat, so that the oil can be lubricated. Garbage truck

3. Prevent spontaneous combustion

It's rainy in summer, so avoid wading in the water. Due to the car's many electrical equipment, complex wiring, water can easily cause short circuit, or even spontaneous combustion. Maintain the normal operation of the line, prevent debris along the wind, sewage infiltration into the line or engine parts, will no doubt no spontaneous combustion.

Hot exhaustion is dangerous

Sultry weather, human body moisture loss, the driver physical exertion is big, appear more easily exhaustion, the condition of inattention. It's best to stop for a rest and get enough sleep. Especially long-distance friends, try to have two drivers to ensure safety.

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