The advantages of small garbage trucks

- Aug 07, 2018 -

With the continuous development of China's social economy, environmental problems have been widely concerned by people. In order to meet the cleaning of various environmental wastes, more and more small garbage trucks have been shuttling through rural roads, old communities and streets of major cities recently. Why do small cars become more and more popular? This is due to the advantages of small garbage trucks:

Advantage 1: compact appearance, suitable for small streets, old communities, rural rural roads and domestic waste dump site transport and pass. Increased the disposal of garbage in various death corners. It is very convenient to enter the hutongs by small turns.

Advantage two: the dustbin that is close to sealing, box body has automatic close function, avoided the second pollution of rubbish, also can prevent peculiar smell to diffuse. Can also put the dustbin (bucket) in the garbage place, and the box can open more than 4 garbage Windows.

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