Suction truck instructions and precautions

- Nov 19, 2018 -

Suction truck instructions and precautions

First, the components:

Tricycle chassis, power take-off switch, power take-off, drive shaft, vacuum pump, four-way valve, oil and gas separation, water vapor separation, anti-overflow valve, pressure gauge, manhole cover, butterfly valve (post vent).

Second, the operation steps:

1. Before starting the car, first check whether the tank valve is closed, and the suction pipe system is strictly prohibited from leaking, otherwise the vacuum will be affected.

2. Put the car on fire, then step on the clutch and take the power take-off. Note that the switch power take-off must be stepped on, otherwise it will damage the power take-off gear and the gearbox gear or damage the gearbox and the power take-off gear. (The air pressure with air pressure must reach 6 or more to hang the power device. The air pressure is not the pneumatic clutch.)

3. After opening the power take-off, move the four-way valve to the pumping position and start working. (The four-way valve has a gas-filling port. The gas is pumped out from the four-way valve and the mouth is sucking the waste. Inhaling in is exhausting the outside.) .

4, when pumping feces, always pay attention to the suction pipe mouth, can not let foreign matter block the pipe mouth or suck the manure pipe to the bottom, (blocking the pipe mouth for a long time will cause the vacuum to be too large to suck the suction tank).

5, when you are pumping, you should always observe the observation mirror, pay attention to the liquid level can not be pumped, pumping will cause damage to the pump.

6. Pull the liquid level to a certain level to close the power take-off, move the four-way valve to the middle position, and then pull the sewage pumped into the suction tank to the desired position.

7. After the sewage is pulled to the desired position, open the power take-off device to move the four-way valve to the sewage discharge and then drain the sewage. After the discharge, the force take-off is closed and the four-way valve is moved to the middle position, and the pumping is completed.

8. When the pump is affected by the fault, please refer to the following methods to solve or call the manufacturer.

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