How to use the water pipe of fire engine correctly and matters needing attention

- Aug 07, 2018 -

To properly use the water absorption pipe of fire truck, first of all, we should understand the composition of the water absorption pipe of fire truck: the water absorption pipe of fire truck is a hose used to connect the water inlet of the water pump to the open water source or hydrant, which is composed of rubber layer, cloth layer and spiral reinforced steel wire. The suction pipe can bear negative pressure when absorbing water from open source, and can bear certain water pressure when drawing water from hydrant. A total of 4 8 meters of water suction pipes are installed on top of the fire engine.

1. First, park the fire engine next to the water intake point, as close as possible to the water source to shorten the length of the water absorption pipe.

2. Connect the head and tail of the suction pipe according to the distance of water intake, and connect one end to the fire pump and one end to the water filter.

3. Start the fire pump and vacuum pump to absorb water. For more information about water absorption operation of fire engines, please refer to: how fire engines operate, maintain and maintain.

Notes for use of suction pipe:

1. Do not force the suction pipe on the ground to avoid abrasion of the aluminum joint;

2. The interface must be tightly connected to prevent leakage of air and water. When water is absorbed by open water source, a water filter should be installed at the end of the water pipe, and the water filter should be at least 20cm to 30cm away from the water surface to prevent air being sucked in by vortex on the water surface. At the same time, the filter should avoid contact with the water source mud surface, so as to prevent the water pump from being damaged by inhaling a large amount of mud sand. When there are many mud and sand debris in the water source, the filter water basket should be installed on the filter.

3. The water absorption pipe should be as short and straight as possible. When using the coil suction pipe, the fire engine should be able to put down all the coil suction pipe location is appropriate, to avoid the bend of the suction pipe height over the pump intake and produce "air pockets", affecting the water absorption.

4. When the water suction pipe crosses the road, it is forbidden for vehicles to drive over it, otherwise the water absorption pipe will be broken and will not be able to absorb water

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