How to keep the water tank fire engine in good working condition?

- Aug 07, 2018 -

The fire truck manufacturer provided the manual before leaving the factory, and the water tank fire truck should work steadily under rated conditions to give full play to the best power performance and economy. When the water tank fire truck changes due to factors such as driving speed, engine speed, soil resistance, road properties and highway slope, it will cause the locomotive work department to deviate from rated condition. Therefore, fire truck manufacturer jianyi drivers should follow the following requirements in driving:

(1) reduce the additional inertial force or impact load that the moving parts may be subjected to as far as possible. The operation and driving should try to be smooth, without abrupt change of the position of the accelerating lever, without fierce lifting of the clutch, and without high-speed driving on the uneven road surface and when crossing the ditch.

(2) in the locomotive load is not big, the speed does not allow too high, should adopt "high-grade small oil - door", motor speed according to the driving conditions change, to adapt to the situation, but to prevent the gas slants small, relatively large load, make the engine work under a state of low speed for a long time, especially should avoid long idle running engine, in order to avoid the deterioration of lubrication oil consumption increase.

(3) the driver shall carry out class maintenance and grade maintenance in accordance with the instruction manual of the manufacturer of fire engine, especially timely maintenance of the parts that are vulnerable to friction, which is an important measure to stabilize the locomotive. Technical maintenance includes cleaning, firmness, lubrication, adjustment, sealing and replacement of new parts. Only careful maintenance can keep the locomotive in good working condition.

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