How to distinguish water tank fire truck from ordinary sprinkler?

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Water sprayer is related to water tank truck, and ordinary car, at first glance, the appearance is similar, therefore, many people often will normal sprinkler and tank truck confused, in fact, if you have a certain knowledge of tank truck, you will be very easy to distinguish the difference between the two, next, small make up to introduce for everybody.

1. Differences in appearance between fire engines and sprinklers

There is no big difference in appearance between a normal sprinkler and a water tank fire truck, but if you look closely, you will find that the components on the sprinkler for fire fighting are more complicated and more complicated. If fire engine is foam fire engine, there is a big difference in appearance, because the foam fire engine has two storage tanks, while the sprinkler and water tank fire engine have only one storage tank, which contains water. Therefore, if it is foam fire engine, we can still distinguish it from ordinary fire engines easily.

2. Differences between fire truck and sprinkler

There is a big difference between the use of sprinklers and water tank fire engines. We often see the sprinklers on the road. The function of the sprinklers is to green, sanitation and maintain the road. The small water tank fire engine is very suitable for the villages and towns far away from the fire brigade or without fire brigade, and also suitable for small factories and schools to avoid huge losses and dangers caused by the failure of timely rescue in case of fire. In addition to water tank fire engines, foam fire engines and dry powder fire engines also have different USES. In some cases, for example, fire caused by electricity and fire caused by special substances cannot be put out with water, so dry powder fire engines can be selected.

3. Price difference between fire engine and sprinkler

The price of a water tank fire truck is much more expensive than a normal sprinkler, because it requires higher performance and must ensure that firefighters can extinguish the fire as soon as possible in an emergency. Besides, tank truck, and the range of the normal sprinkler and flow are also different, common water sprayer to the requirement of range and flow not too high, because most just use green, while the tank truck need to make sure that a larger range and pump flow as far as possible, ensure that the fire can quickly control the fire, as a result, both the water absorption, water spray device are also different.

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