Five principles of sanitation truck maintenance

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Because use link of environmental sanitation trash car is relatively bad, suffer wind and rain to hit all year round at the same time, inevitable meeting has wear and tear and damage, this is about us to try to maintain in daily use, make the service life of rubbish car is longer.

Sanitation general maintenance is divided into external maintenance and internal maintenance, external maintenance is the paint surface, wiper, tires, internal maintenance is the so-called cleaning of the driving room, the most important is the oil pump screen and the pump filter screen, otherwise delay your refueling working time.

5 methods of routine maintenance of sanitation garbage truck:

One, the body of car body of sanitation garbage truck is waxed: choose what want to pay attention to, general oily, solid car candle does not have adhesion force, easy to be stained with dirt, brightness is not lasting wait for a shortcoming, already been phase-out stage by stage. Should choose the higher quality of water - based wax, after polished clean, non - dust, durability.

2. Body cleaning: we can't use high-pressure water gun to wash the car. Although it is convenient and quick, it will cause damage to the vehicle's paint surface in a long time. Do not wash the car with detergent or detergent. Because washing powder, washing essence is contained composition is higher, use for a long time can make sanitation trash car paint loses burnish, make its matte even dry crack. Use a special crystal clear liquid or car wash to clean the sanitation truck.

Internal cleaning: this should be taken seriously. Under the influence of flue gas, sediment, driver's perspiration or air circulation system, the skin of the vehicle has been used for a long time. As a result, the air in the driving room is polluted. It affects both physical and mental health and driving state of mind. Accordingly, should undertake professional nursing according to the circumstance, vacuum in time and clean.

Cleaning order of sanitation garbage truck: daily cleaning should be done first inside and outside, first up and then down step by step. When there is a large amount of putty, you should wipe it with water or wet cloth in time, and then dry it with clean cloth. Less dust can be wiped out at one time.

V. engine cleaning: it can be carried out by increasing the water quantity until the soil is cleaned. During cleaning, avoid soaking water in the parts of the capacitors, fuses, etc., which are prone to rust. The process of cleaning sanitation garbage trucks is also the process of vehicle detection.

In the process of use, the sanitation garbage truck is subject to sun radiation and acid rain erosion, and it is easy to adhere to various corrosive pollutants such as cement, grease, asphalt, tree liquid, insect, etc. For a long time. Should use clean water and cleaner in time clean, lest affect paint burnish. The above 5 kinds of internal and external maintenance methods of sanitary garbage trucks need drivers' friends to strengthen their understanding, which can greatly improve your car's driving performance and ensure work efficiency.

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