Features of small fire engines

- Aug 07, 2018 -

In order to facilitate better fire fighting, a new type of fire engine has been popular in China in recent years, that is, small fire engines. Compared with large fire engines, this kind of small-sized fire engines have many advantages of its own, which are very convenient to use and have a strong flexibility. It is very popular among people. What kind of convenience will it bring to you when you use it?

From the perspective of body size, the flexible and compact small fire engine is very light, which will not occupy a large area, and can be driven on many narrow roads. The driving force is very strong, and it can run through various positions freely. This is very difficult for large fire engines to do, can make up for such defects. Such features will bring a lot of convenience to the fire fighting work of civil buildings in urban life, and can also be used as normal patrol vehicles.

Maintenance is relatively simple. Very novel appearance of small fire engines, people bring a good aesthetic enjoyment. Compared with large vehicles, the structure is much simpler, and the simple structure reduces the burden of maintenance during operation. Staff with a little learning and training will be easy to learn how to do maintenance. The connection between each structure, what should be paid attention to in the use process, how to protect the inside and outside of the vehicle from damage, how to deal with maintenance simply, are the skills that maintenance personnel should learn.

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