Engine room cleaning skills for pollution truck

- Aug 07, 2018 -

The cleanliness of the engine cabin of a dirty car is not only about the cleanliness and respectability of the car, but also about the safety of the car. First of all, the engine runs all the year round and cannot avoid the sludge generated by the steam of all kinds of oil. The mud mixed with dust and dirt is heated together and becomes one of the hidden dangers of spontaneous combustion of automobile. Secondly, a lot of ash will be attached to the parts and pipeline in a muddy shape after combining with humidity air to accelerate the aging and damage of the parts. Finally, some of the dirtier engines are more likely to be the nest of wild mice and small reptiles, so the engine room cleaning is necessary.

Actually, cleaning pollution car engine compartment is not that difficult, and professional, but must avoid taboo, that is high pressure spray cleaning, because most of the cars on sale nacelle all is not completely waterproof connectors, seals, more do not prevent the impact of high-pressure water gun, even waterproof nacelle, owners also don't try, high-pressure water gun burst, water could lead to these parts.

First, you need to find the following items:

Soft brush one, try to choose a small brush, because many gaps only small brush can be used to brush; Towel a few, common towel is ok, wash car special towel is better; One bucket; Plastic bags are used for water insulation and can be replaced by refrigerator film. Bubble cleaner and glazing agent are also necessary, these two kinds of products can be bought on the Internet, the price depends on the brand visibility size, general recommend everyone to buy affordable prices, sales volume on the line.

Step 1: put the decontamination vehicle out in a ventilated place and start the preparation.

Step 2: completely remove dust and spray foam cleaner.

Step 3: start your car and wipe with a damp cloth.

Step 4: polish and sparkle.

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