Bucket truck introduction

- Aug 07, 2018 -

The bucket truck, also known as self-loading and unloading truck, is mainly operated by hydraulic system, which is composed of oil tank, oil pump, multi-way valve, hydraulic cylinder, filter and pipeline. Hydraulic system, using chain and hydraulic cylinder linkage device. The side loader is equipped with an advanced bucket turnover mechanism, which can lift and reverse the trash can, and conveniently grab, lift and unload the trash can at different addresses. The dustman will collect several garbage cans before the garbage truck with the bucket, and the garbage will be automatically loaded on the hoist to return to empty barrels. Income to the carriage, and play the transport destination, to the destination, achieve hydraulic lifting, a one-time dump. This car has the function of complete sealing, self-loading and self-discharging, hydraulic operation, applicable to the national standard trash can: iron bucket, plastic bucket.

If this car wants to evolve into a side loading compressed garbage truck, the box can also be equipped with special devices such as pushing and shoveling, so as to realize garbage loading, crushing or flattening, and strong loading. Finally, the garbage can be firmly packed into the carriage and transported to the destination for automatic unloading, or it can be connected to the garbage truck for joint transfer. Its advantages and features: simple and efficient garbage collection method, with reciprocating compression and peristaltic compression and other functions, high compression ratio, high loading quality, automatic operation, power performance, environmental protection, high utilization rate of the whole vehicle.

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