Sweeper Truck

  • Vacuum Truck

    Vacuum Truck

    Vacuum cleaner performance characteristics ● Left and right high-pressure side sprayer and suction nozzle "V"...

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  • Vacuum Sweeper

    Vacuum Sweeper

    Road sweeper performance characteristics ● Scrubbing the road surface with scrubbing and high-pressure cleaning combined with...

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  • Street Cleaning Truck

    Street Cleaning Truck

    General cleaning considerations 1. During operation, the operator must not leave the operation cabinet in order to deal with...

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  • Road Vacuum Sweeper Machine

    Road Vacuum Sweeper Machine

    Before driving, check the following: Operation cabinet 1.The hand throttle is placed in the "small" position; 2.The...

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  • Road Sweeper Truck

    Road Sweeper Truck

    Road sweeper, also known as road sweeper. As one of the sanitation equipment, it is a new type of high-efficiency cleaning...

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  • Foton Road Sweeper

    Foton Road Sweeper

    1. Overall dimensions: 5560*1760* 2280mm 2. Total vehicle mass: 4294Kg rated load mass: 284Kg Curb weight: 3880Kg 3. Maximum...

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  • Road Sweeper

    Road Sweeper

    PRODUCT iNTRODUCTION The HJK5070TXSQ5 road washing sweeper is innovatively refitted on the basis of Qingling QL1070A5KAY...

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  • Fence Cleaning Truck

    Fence Cleaning Truck

    The fence cleaning car is mainly used for guardrail cleaning, cleaning of the guardrail on the sediment, dust erosion, can...

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