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Shandong Xiangnong Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.

We Shandong Xiangnong Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd, Which is appointed by the Development and Alteration Committee of China, is a famous manufacturer producing all kinds of special trucks for environment in Shandong...

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  • Water Tank Truck
    Water Tank Truck

    Dongfeng Yuhu fog gun sprinkler introduction: Chassis configuration: the car uses Dongfeng Yuhu...

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  • Engineering Water Truck
    Engineering Water Truck

    Dongfeng D9 fog gun sprinkler introduction: Chassis configuration: Dongfeng D9 chassis, white...

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  • Works Street Cleaning Water Truck
    Works Street Cleaning Water Truck

    Pump work process 1. To check if there is enough liquid in the pump, it must be higher than the...

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  • Street Sprinkler Truck
    Street Sprinkler Truck

    Failure and troubleshooting First, the water tank does not come out of water Cause of the...

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  • Garden Water Truck
    Garden Water Truck

    Failure and troubleshooting First, the pump can not absorb water 1. Failure reason: Water inlet...

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  • Municipal Sanitation Sprinkles
    Municipal Sanitation Sprinkles

    Winter maintenance methods 1. The space for parking Dongfeng sprinklers in the winter must be...

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  • Dust Suppression Vehicles
    Dust Suppression Vehicles

    Dongfeng Tianjin Sprinkler Introduction: Chassis configuration: The whole vehicle adopts...

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  • Water Transport Vehicle
    Water Transport Vehicle

    Dongfeng D6 fog gun sprinkler introduction: Dongfeng's model is the most widely used and...

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